5-Things I wish Apple fixes in Xcode 15

Sagar Bhosale
3 min readApr 9, 2023


Alright Apple, it’s time to level up your game! As a developer, I’ve got some major demands for Xcode 15. We need some AI-powered code wizards, a streamlined CI/CD experience that’s as smooth as butter, and some more SwiftUI magic to help us build even better apps. Oh, and don’t forget about AR/VR — we want a dedicated AR/VR development kit for Apple’s upcoming glasses! And while you’re at it, let’s not forget about the little guys — we need some love for those frameworks that haven’t seen an update in ages. So come on Apple, let’s make Xcode 15 the ultimate tool for app development! Let me Explain!

  1. AI-enabled Code Assistance: I know this will piss off some hardcore use your own brain to write code kinda core developers. But I am the one who believes in doing more and more efficiently in a given amount of time. AI-based assistance in Xcode will be a game changer if Apple does something in its own way. Fast Refactoring, debugging, and whatnot. I personally believe AI hype is pretty recent and it’s still cooking. It might not happen in Xcode 15 but this is a wishlist anyway.
  2. Simplify CI/CD: I am sick of playing Galaga with Bitrise, and Jenskin. Managing Certificates and provisioning profiles and individual signing capabilities. It is too much of a mess. Now Auto-Signing and all is fine but I am working on 3 separate projects at a time and managing things for 3 different projects and it's tedious. One day I spend an entire day figuring out a shitty error in Xcode Archive error in Bitrise. Boy that took too much digging and was an unnecessary waste of time. If Apple came with something similar to Bitrise but “Apple-fied” that would be much much better to develop and deploy for testing and streamlined production. This can also help eliminate the need for third-party services, provide more control over the development process, and reduce costs.
  3. More SwiftUI and even more Simplified for new age developers: SwiftUI is getting popular and all the hype. Even more intuitive framework for building iOS apps, and Xcode 15 can introduce more SwiftUI features that make it even more straightforward for new-age developers. This can speed up app development, reduce the learning curve for new developers, and provide a more efficient way to build modern iOS apps.
  4. A Dedicated 3D Development Kit and SDK for AR/VR Apps: The big guy among other things. The potentially is getting real this June. With Apple’s upcoming AR/VR glasses, a dedicated 3D development kit and SDK for AR/VR apps can provide developers with the tools and capabilities apps that other platforms like Meta Quest and Microsoft Halo lens only wished for. Please Apple Make it happen. As a true core believer in the future of AR and how Smart glasses with AR can potentially be the next big thing. Personal Computers getting even more personal. That's the future I want.
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5. More Focus on Minor Things like Updates to Frameworks: While major updates and new features are always welcome, Xcode 15 should also focus on improving and updating existing frameworks that have not received updates in ages. This can include frameworks like Keyboard Extension Apps and Apple TV, which may not be as popular as other frameworks but still play a critical role in the iOS ecosystem.

Don’t show courage here, please!

Oh, and one last wish please please please. Don’t kill UIKit. I know your love and affection is next level now for SwiftUI but UIkit is still so much better and easy for many developers. SwiftUI is still in its puberty let the daddy stay here for good. Just don’t kill it. Please. Don’t be so courageous here.!



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